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About Cholmondeley Vineyards

Cholmondeley Vineyards Begin

So like so many people who find the city a bit stressing, in 2008 we moved to the country side to get more peace and quiet. We located ourselves on a bit more land than we were use too.       So now what do we do with the extra land around our home?  Well we can’t raise animals for food, because my wife makes every animal a pet and a part of the family.  Now what?  Well we heard something about growing Grapes.  So my wife took a chance to go to the Horticulture Society meeting.  There was everyone we needed to know that could tell us about growing Grapes in this area.  After listening to everyone we thought that was something we could do.  So we planted that spring over 2000 plants.  This was a big leap of faith and big investment for something that does even have fruit for a couple more years down the road.  Some people would call us Crazy.

We were determined to carve out a niche market for some unique Specialty Table Grapes.  So far we have offered our yummy Jupiter Grapes, Sweet Shelley and Black Pearls to the public.     So far, so good! YUM!!!  We are still experimenting with other varieties of grapes  and will be able to offer even some berries in a couple of years.  As soon as they start producing.  

Along the way we have made some great relationships with other growers, some awesome Retail Partners and lovely customers.  It has been a fun journey.  Our vineyard is a small family owned vineyard nestled in the heart of Idaho’s wine country in Nampa Idaho.   We still do all our own work, with some help from family and friends.  When we can talk them into helping.  We have been Growing Specialty Table Grapes unique to our area that are delicious and healthy. Along with our Retail Partners we have helped to educated the public of the difference between a regular grape and a Specialty Grape.  We are so glad that our loyal customers really do know the difference.

 It’s all about the Taste! And You Can Taste the Difference!

Farming Practices

Just want to be up front with you, we are NOT Certified Organic.  The reason is the cost for certification are way too costly for our small farm to absorb.  That’s why it is important to get to know your farmers and where your food come from.  There are lots of smaller farmers who are in this category who grow some really great quality food out there.  We all want to use our land the best we can, we choose to grow food and share that with others.

You will NOT see a difference in our practices as we follow the guidelines for organic growing, we are just not allowed to call ourselves organic or profit from a labeling saying we are organic.  

We do NOT use commercial pesticides.  We use plant washes and oil smothering techniques to keep our plants healthy.  We cannot control what others do, we try to control what we can do to assure our customers are eating healthy and clean as possible.  We have taken classes to make sure we are following the guidelines.  We have completed our training requirements for  Federal Government Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for Produce Safety Rule.  The Training was received through Produce Safety Alliance Growers Safety Course, which was designed by Cornell University and received our certificate.

Thank You 

Cholmondeley Vineyards

Specialty Table Grapes