Cholmondeley Vineyards  
Nampa Idaho

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We are dedicated to producing the highest quality, 
sweetest tasting specialty table grapes in the 
Snake River Growing Region.
A Healthful & Tasteful Choice
"Taste The Difference!"
            I Just Can't Believe
                  It's 2020!!!

Wow! Last year is just a blur it went so fast!

Last year our vines kept producing more and more grapes.  It was so exciting to see the volumes up last year. 

We are so grateful to our Retail Partners who helped to sale every grape we had.                        We love providing our delicious grapes to our  loyal customer following.

You really do know the difference between a regular grape and a Specialty Table Grape grown locally. 

Until fall keep dreaming about those,             Yummy Jupiter Grapes, Sweet Shelley and our New Black Pearls.

                      It’s all about the Taste!                                        And You Can Taste the Difference!

 Thank You All So Much!

Cholmondeley Vineyards

In The News

2014 Oct. 01
Grape compound shown to help fight acne: study

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Nutritional Facts about grapes click link below

Cholmondeley Vineyards

Specialty Table Grapes

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New Next Event!!!

Jan 29 2020 or Jan 30, 2020 or Feb 01 2020.


Pomology and Viticulture Program Presents Workshops on:  Fruit Production in Idaho: Principals and Practices

University of Idaho Pomology and Viticulture Program in Parma is offering free Fruit Production workshops every winter.  

This year, we offer three workshops, each in a different location and date.  Please send your choice of location and date back to us immediately (by the end of Tuesday the 21st ) so we can schedule accordingly.  Since we have limited seats available, please send your first, second or third choices by simply marking 1, 2, or 3 in your preferred spots. 

Please send back your choices 

to: maurineb@uidaho.edu or  call Dakota at 

(208) 291-6241 as quickly as possible.

For all the Agenda Details, class dates and locations see the  PDF File attached at the bottom left hand corner         of this web page click and print the agenda.